Fullbore Spinner


Fullbore Spinner


FBFM 06The Fullbore Flowmeter combined with our Temperature tool will allow you to run a production profile. The FBFM has a three-arm spring-loaded cage. You only have to buy one tool to center the impellers in multiple casing sizes. The blade design allows the impeller to work on small production rate wells due to low-friction bearings and the large cross-sectional area. The tool is supplied with ancillary items that allow you to run in all casing sizes from 4-1/2” to 9-5/8”.


  • Injection and production flow profiling
  • Leak detection
  • Low or hi-flow rates


Temperature Rating 177°C (350°F)
Pressure rating 103.4 MPa (15,000 psi)
Tool Diameter 43mm (1-11/16”)
Length 1064mm (41.92”) (Electronics + Fullbore)
Weight 3.6kg (8lb)
Casing range 4-1/2” to 9-5/8”
Flow output 10 pulses/revs (directional)
Threshold <0.5m/min (<1.6ft/min)
Max fluid velocity 90Bpd
Material Sour Service
Connector go-connector (single pin)
Flow measure point 414mm (16.3”)



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