Water Holdup Tool (WHT)


Water Holdup Tool (Capacitance Tool)

The Water Holdup Tool (WHT) is an advanced downhole sensor designed for measuring the percentage of water holdup during Production Logging Operations. The tool operates by utilizing a cylindrical capacitor, in which the incoming fluid (a mixture of water, hydrocarbon, and gas) serves as the dielectric material. By determining the dielectric constant of the fluid, the WHT can accurately calculate the water holdup percentage.

The WHT is a versatile tool that can be integrated as part of the ENG+RD Production Logging Tool. For faster and more efficient data transmission, the WHT can be connected to the Fast Hybrid Telemetry Tool (FHT). Additionally, the tool features a memory mode, which allows for offline data analysis and interpretation.


Main Measurement Water Holdup Percent (Capacitance – Dielectric Constant of Fluid determination)
Pressure rate 103.4 MPa / 15,000 psi
Temperature 177 deg C / 350 deg F
Dimensions Diameter 1-11/16″ (43 mm) O.D.
Length 28.63″ (727 mm)
Connectivity Go Connector
Accuracy / Resolution Accuracy 1.0%
Resolution 0.1%
Tool Head Voltage 48 VDC
Internal memory 32 Gbyte capacity – Up to 60 days continuous recording
Circuitry Protection Under – Over Voltage protection / Over current protection



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