PLT Tool String


PLT Tool String

Production logging is a well-established technique used to evaluate fluid movement in and out of wellbores. It dates back to the 1930s and has undergone significant evolution since then. The technique involves several measurements that assess fluid and flow properties, commonly using a spinner flowmeter. However, calibration is necessary to account for friction in the spinner bearings and the effects of fluid viscosity, which can cause nonlinear velocity responses.

EngRD has introduced a new acoustic flowmeter to its repertoire, enabling the measurement of flow rates and fluid density in real-time. With telemetry that allows for the transmission of 100 samples per second to the surface, the system uses a precise temperature sensor and fast-response quartz pressure sensor, providing accurate and reliable data acquisition.

One of the main advantages of this system is its ability to make qualitative conclusions about fluid entries, particularly in low-flow rate zones where a spinner may not be sensitive enough. Additionally, the use of a Gamma Ray and Casing Collar Locator provides depth control and correlation with completion components.

The system offers a dual operation mode – Real-Time / Memory – ensuring that all data is recorded to memory, providing a reliable backup. To use the tool on a Slickline or Coiled Tubing operation, it is necessary to add a Battery Housing, a Battery pack, and the Depth Time System (DTS). The tools are rated to 177oC, 15,000 psi of working pressure, and are ready for h2s services.

For surface data acquisition, a Warrior 8 System is required, offering complete monitoring and control of the production logging process.


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