Quartz Pressure Tool


Quartz Pressure Tool

Quartz Pressure Tool – QPT is a downhole device for preassure and temperature measurement. Quartz sensor offers high resolution data. QPT incorporates both memory data storage and real time surface data transmission when connected to Fast Hybrid Telemetry Tool.


Main Sensor Quartzdyne ® Pressure Gauge
Pressure rate 103.4 MPa / 15,000 psi
Accuracy 0.01% full scale
Temperature 177 deg C / 350 deg F
Dimensions Diameter 1-11/16” (43mm) O.D. Lenght 12 inch
Connectivity Go Connectors
Tool Head Voltage 48 VDC
Internal Memory 32 Gbyte capacity – Up to 60 day continous record.
Real Time Data Transmission Connected to FHT, data rate up to 400 Kbps.
Real Time Clock Autonomy Up to 1.33 hrs
Circuitry Protection Under – Over Voltage Protection / Over Current Protection


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