Geothermal Fast Tool


Geothermal Fast Tool

The Geothermal Fast Telemetry (GFT) is a high temperature logging tool that will allow you to work continuously for up to 4 hours at 350ºC or up to 6 hours at 300ºC. This unit measures and records: wellbore temperature, pressure, flow, gamma ray, and collar locator using a high end electronic system protected by a flask housing. Different sizes of flowmeters are available based on your wellbore design. GFT runs on Warrior System (SDS), and on Memory mode.


Telemetry Specifications
 tool head voltage 150 VDC – 400 VDC
 tool bus voltage 48 VDC
 outside diameter 1-3/4″

 uplink data rate

80, 180, and 300kbits/sec



350ºC up to 4 hrs or 300ºC up to 6 hrs






0.5 seconds aprox.

Gamma Ray


 scintillation type


2 counts per API

Collar Locator (CCL) 


 range 5,000 / 10,000 / 15,000
 accuracy 0.03% F.S.
 resolution 0.0003 psi

 transducer type



 outside diameters

1-11/16”, 2-1/8”, 3”
 sensor type reed switch/magnetic
 resolution 0.005% F.S.
 rate 85 rpm(min) / 18,000 rpm(max)
Sampling Rates 1ms to seconds each sensor can have different sampling rate (each record have his own time stamp)
Internal Memory 8 Gbytes
Current Consumption 30mA @ 18 VDC
Type of Cable  7/32”, 5/16”, 7/16”, H2S and Open hole cables
Surface Data Acquisition System Warrior System (version 8)


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